Blacephalon & Naganadel Raid Attackers (Analysis)

Blacephalon and Naganadel are two fascinating Pokémon that have recently been in the spotlight in Pokémon GO due to their availability in Tier 5 raids and the Ultra Space Wonders event. In this article, we will delve into how these two Pokémon perform as raid attackers based on their stats and movesets.

Starting with Blacephalon, this Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon has proven to be a valuable asset as a top-tier Fire attacker. With its high base attack stat, Blacephalon ranks as the #7 non-mega Fire attacker and is comparable to Shadow Blaziken. Its unique move, Mystical Fire, sets it apart from other Fire-type attackers, providing consistent damage output due to its 3-bar charged move. However, Blacephalon's glass cannon nature makes it vulnerable to damage, limiting its overall utility in raids. As a Ghost attacker, Blacephalon boasts sky-high theoretical DPS, but its lack of bulk and unreliability make it a second-tier option when compared to other dark/ghost attackers such as Gengar and Chandelure.

On the other hand, Naganadel, a Poison/Dragon-type Pokémon, shows promise as a top non-mega Poison attacker. It is almost tied with Nihilego in terms of DPS, but its lower bulk limits its effectiveness in raids. Despite its strength, Poison attackers face a lack of utility in the current raid meta, with few raid bosses vulnerable to Poison-type moves. This limits the potential impact of Naganadel in raid battles, especially when compared to more common types such as Steel and Fire.

Looking ahead, there is speculation about Blacephalon receiving its signature move, Mind Blown, in Pokémon GO. This move could potentially enhance Blacephalon's performance as a raid attacker, although the exact impact remains uncertain. Additionally, future articles will delve into the potential of Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Mane, as well as upcoming GBL moveset changes that could impact the raid meta.

In conclusion, while Blacephalon and Naganadel have their strengths as raid attackers, their performance is currently limited by their respective types and the raid meta. Both Pokémon offer unique attributes that can be valuable in certain situations, but players may find more consistent results with other top-tier attackers in the current raid landscape. As the meta evolves and new updates are introduced, it will be interesting to see how Blacephalon and Naganadel adapt and excel in raid battles.

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