LA Regionals: Season of Shared Skies & PvP Updates

The excitement at the Los Angeles regionals Pokémon tournament was palpable this past weekend as casters unveiled some exciting new information for the upcoming season of Pokémon GO. The next season, titled ‘Shared Skies', is set to begin on June 1st, 2024, at 10:00am local time, following the conclusion of the current season known as ‘World of Wonders'.

The name ‘Shared Skies' hints at a potential focus on Flying-type Pokémon and those capable of flight. A mysterious low-resolution image of what is speculated to be the season logo was shared on social media, featuring a blend of shining colors in triangular shapes that leave much to the imagination regarding any season-long themes or concepts.

In addition to the season reveal, a plethora of new moves and move updates were teased for the GO Battle League during the LA regionals livestream. Starting June 3rd, 2024, at 10:00am PDT, several moves will undergo updates to balance gameplay:

– Scald (Water): The chance to lower the opponent's attack will be decreased.
– Spark (Electric): The power in trainer battles will be reduced from 6 to 5.
– Seed Bomb (Grass): The power in trainer battles will increase from 60 to 65.
– Swift (Normal): The energy cost will decrease, and the power in trainer battles will decrease from 60 to 55.

Moreover, new moves will be introduced for certain Pokémon, adding variety and strategic depth to PvP battles:

– Thunder Punch (Electric): Available for Typhlosion, Riolu, Lucario, and others.
– Counter (Fighting): Available for Lokix.
– Power Snow (Ice): Available for Cetoddle and Cetitan.
– Dragon Claw (Dragon): Available for Naganadel.
– Swift (Normal): Available for various Pokémon including Clefairy, Wigglytuff, and Ursaring.
– Fly (Flying): Available for Fearow, Salamence, and others.

These new additions and changes are expected to shake up PvP battles and provide trainers with fresh tactics to explore in their competitive gameplay. Stay tuned for more analysis and insights from our PvP experts as they delve deeper into these exciting updates.

As the Pokémon GO community eagerly anticipates the start of the ‘Shared Skies' season and the implementation of new moves and updates, the competitive landscape is set for a thrilling evolution. With the promise of fresh challenges and strategic opportunities, trainers worldwide are gearing up to make their mark in the Season of Shared Skies.

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