Buzzing with Opportunity: How Honeyland Combines Mobile Gaming and Play to Airdrop in a Thrilling Beekeeping Adventure

Engage in Mobile Gaming with Honeyland's Airdrop Feature

Is there a more exciting pairing than mobile gaming and earning through airdrops? Fortunately, Honeyland offers both! Start playing today and you could benefit from bonus point multipliers. These will boost your ranking on the airdrop leaderboards, set to launch in May!

Honeyland, a fresh mobile and web3-compatible game, has recently launched the initial stage of a novel play-to-airdrop campaign for their Honey token (HXD).

In the Honeyland giveaway, participants are tasked with developing and overseeing their own bee colony. Until May 9th, it's the 'multipliers phase'. In this phase, participants can gain extra points and multipliers through active gameplay and by inviting friends. From May 10th to May 31st, the main contest kicks off, as everyone vies to climb the rankings on the leaderboard.

Honeyland is a laid-back and accessible game. All the tasks are timed, allowing you to dispatch your bees on extended missions when you're asleep or busy and can't monitor your Hive's development. However, Honeyland also offers considerable strategic complexity for players who are eager to delve deeper and meticulously enhance and breed their bees to obtain the most efficient workers.

Participate to Qualify for Rewards

To qualify for a spot on the leaderboard, players must advance to level 7 and earn the title of 'Certified Beekeeper'. To achieve certification, a facial scan is necessary, a measure implemented by the Honeyland team to verify that each account corresponds to a distinct, actual person. Additionally, players must invite at least one other participant to qualify for leaderboard prizes.

Accumulate additional points for each stage you achieve in the game, up to the 15th level. Additional points can be earned by acquiring a complimentary cNFT from, available only until April 14th, purchasing HXD tokens, staking these tokens, and participating in various other undisclosed promotional activities.

You can obtain multipliers by inviting new players who advance to a minimum of level 7. These multipliers can increase up to 3.5 times. Additionally, completing a Zealy quest allows players to earn a points multiplier. For complete information on the airdrop, visit

Honeyland is available at no cost. Visit their official site to download the game and begin playing!

What is Honeyland?

Honeyland is a web3-based mobile game where participants oversee a bee colony. Users take charge of their Hive, deploying worker bees to collect materials and produce Honey (HXD).

Honeyland provides a variety of management activities such as incubating eggs, breeding, enhancing bees, among others. Players can also engage in player-versus-player combat through hive attacks, and customize their hives for those who enjoy interior design! Every bee comes with unique statistics, slots for upgrades, and a finite number of tasks, meaning that selecting the appropriate bees for specific tasks is crucial to transform an ordinary hive into a highly efficient one!

Players have the option to buy NFT Bess that boast improved statistics and come with no usage limitations, meaning they can be utilized indefinitely. Additionally, Land NFTs can be acquired, providing benefits to their holders and allowing them to earn a commission whenever other players gather resources on their land.

Honeyland features a variety of laid-back, small-scale games. Engage in these games to collect additional rewards and bonuses for your Hive!

Honeyland can be enjoyed without any cost. Every newcomer is gifted a beginning Hive along with an initial group of bees. Moreover, by engaging in the Welcome Pass quests, players can acquire various extra items and gain an understanding of the gameplay.

Honey, also referred to as HXD, serves as the main virtual currency in the game, primarily utilized for breeding and various other in-game functions. Players have the option to buy HXD tokens or acquire them through gameplay. Additionally, Honeyland has rolled out a new option allowing players to create custom .hxd subdomains, which can be used as their in-game usernames!

For further information on Honeyland, explore their official website, follow their updates on Twitter, or engage in conversations on their Discord server.

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