Sweet Rewards Await: Exploring Honeyland’s Mobile Gaming Revolution with Play to Airdrop Campaigns

Engage in Mobile Gaming and Earn Rewards with Honeyland

What's a more enticing mix than mobile gaming paired with rewards? Luckily, Honeyland offers just that. By starting your gameplay today, you have the chance to gain bonus points which assist in propelling you up the ranks of the upcoming airdrop leaderboards, set to launch in May!

Honeyland, an innovative game accessible via mobile and equipped with web3 technology, has recently launched the initial stage of a new campaign that involves airdropping their Honey token (HXD).

In the Honeyland giveaway, participants are tasked with overseeing and expanding a bee colony. Until May 9th, we're in the 'multipliers phase' where participants can accumulate extra points and multipliers by engaging in the game and inviting peers. The intense contest kicks off from May 10th to May 31st, as players vie to climb the ranks on the leaderboard.

Honeyland is a laid-back, user-friendly game. Each task is timed, allowing players to assign their bees to extended missions when they're asleep or otherwise engaged and can't monitor their Hive's advancement. However, Honeyland also offers substantial strategic elements for players who want to delve deeper, focusing on meticulously enhancing and breeding their bees to cultivate the most efficient workers.

Participate to Qualify for Rewards

To secure a spot on the leaderboard, you must advance to level 7 within the game and earn the title of 'Certified Beekeeper'. Certification involves a facial recognition process, implemented by the Honeyland team to verify that each account corresponds to an actual individual. Additionally, players must invite at least one other person to join the game to qualify for leaderboard prizes.

Accumulate additional points for each stage you advance to, up to the 15th level, during gameplay. Additional points can be gained by securing a complimentary cNFT at drip.haus, available until April 14th, purchasing HXD tokens, staking these tokens, and participating in other undisclosed bonus actions yet to be announced.

You can gain multipliers by inviting new players who advance to level 7 or beyond. These multipliers can increase up to 3.5 times. Additionally, completing a Zealy quest allows players to earn a points multiplier. For comprehensive information on the airdrop, visit https://hxdairdrop.honey.land/

Honeyland can be played at no cost. Visit their official website to download the game and begin playing!

What is Honeyland?

Honeyland is a web3-based mobile game where users oversee a bee colony. Users control their Hive, deploying worker bees to collect resources and produce Honey (HXD).

Honeyland provides a variety of managerial activities such as incubating eggs, crossbreeding, enhancing bees, among others. Players can engage in player-versus-player combat through hive attacks, and there's even an option to personalize hive interiors for those who enjoy decorating. Every bee in the game possesses unique statistics, enhancement capacities, and a finite set of tasks. Selecting the appropriate bees for specific tasks is crucial to transform an ordinary hive into a highly efficient one.

Players have the option to acquire NFT Bess, which boast superior statistics and come with no limit on mission usage, allowing for endless play. Additionally, Land NFTs can be purchased, which provide benefits to their holders and earn a commission whenever other players gather resources on that land.

Honeyland features a variety of laid-back, small-scale games. Engage in these games to collect additional rewards and bonuses for your Hive!

Honeyland is accessible without cost. Newcomers are gifted a beginning Hive along with an initial group of bees. Furthermore, by finishing the Welcome Pass quests, players can acquire various extra items and gain an understanding of the game's mechanics.

Honey, also known as HXD, serves as the main form of currency in the game, essential for breeding and various other gameplay functions. Players have the option to buy HXD tokens or acquire them through gameplay. Additionally, Honeyland has rolled out a fresh feature allowing players to create custom .hxd subdomains to use as their in-game usernames!

Discover more about Honeyland by exploring their website, keeping up with their updates on Twitter, and connecting with their community on Discord.

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