Community Day Goodra shines in Great League PvP!

The recent announcement of Thunder Punch as the exclusive move for Goodra during Community Day has caused quite a stir in the Pokémon GO PvP community. Initially met with skepticism and disappointment, Thunder Punch has proven to be a game-changer for Goodra, especially in the Great League.

Goodra, with its Dragon typing and unique moveset, has already been making waves in PvP. But Thunder Punch adds a new dimension to its capabilities, particularly in Great League battles. While Thunder Punch may not be as impactful in higher leagues such as Ultra and Master Leagues, it still has its uses and can provide some valuable coverage in the right team composition.

With Thunder Punch, Goodra becomes a more versatile and formidable opponent in Great League matches. The move synergizes well with its existing moves, such as Aqua Tail and Power Whip, allowing Goodra to cover a wider range of threats and secure wins against popular meta picks. In Great League, Thunder Punch Goodra can hold its own against top contenders like Altaria, Poliwrath, and Mandibuzz, making it a valuable addition to any PvP team.

In Ultra League, Thunder Punch may not shine as brightly due to its lower power compared to other charge moves like Draco Meteor. However, it still has its niche uses and can be effective in certain matchups. In Master League, the decision to use Thunder Punch becomes more situational, as Aqua Tail may be preferred for its coverage against Water and Flying types.

Overall, Thunder Punch Goodra has proven to be a valuable asset in PvP battles, particularly in the Great League. Its versatility and unique moveset make it a formidable opponent against a wide range of meta picks, and it has the potential to make a significant impact in future Limited metas. So if you're looking to add a powerhouse Dragon to your PvP team, Thunder Punch Goodra is definitely worth considering.

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