Thunder Punch Goodra in Master League – Review.

Goodra, the Dragon-type Pseudo Legendary Pokémon, is set to shine in the Master League with its exclusive move, Thunder Punch. While the hype for Goodra's Community Day isn't as high as other Pseudo Legendaries like Salamence and Garchomp, Thunder Punch brings a new dynamic to Goodra's moveset.

In the Master League, Thunder Punch proves to be a viable option for Goodra, providing good coverage against Water and Flying types, which are common in the meta. Compared to its other charged move, Aqua Tail, Thunder Punch offers a different type of threat and can surprise opponents who may not be prepared for an Electric-type move on Goodra.

When considering the best moveset for Goodra in the Master League, Draco Meteor remains a staple move alongside Thunder Punch or Aqua Tail. Draco Meteor's sheer power, despite lowering Goodra's attack, complements the coverage provided by Thunder Punch, making Goodra a formidable opponent in battles.

In the Open Master League, Goodra performs well against top meta picks like Kyogre, Yveltal, and Giratina. However, without Aqua Tail, it struggles against certain matchups, such as Gyarados and Dragons like Zygarde Complete and Zacian. Pairing Draco Meteor with Aqua Tail may offer more consistency in battles, especially against tougher opponents.

In the Master Premier League, Goodra's performance is less impressive compared to the Open Master League. It struggles against key opponents like Gyarados, Reshiram, and Zekrom, making it less viable in this league. Players may find better success with other Dragon-type Pokémon in the Master Premier League.

When considering whether Thunder Punch is worth an Elite Charged TM for Goodra, it's important to weigh the overall impact on its performance in the Master League. While Thunder Punch adds versatility to Goodra's moveset, it may not be worth the investment if there are better options available. However, as Goodra performs well in the Great League and Ultra League with Thunder Punch, it may still be worth acquiring a well-IV'd Goodra during the Community Day event.

In conclusion, Goodra with Thunder Punch has its strengths and weaknesses in the Master League. While it can pose a threat to certain meta picks, careful consideration of its moveset and matchups is essential for success. Whether using Thunder Punch or Aqua Tail alongside Draco Meteor, Goodra remains a solid choice for trainers looking to diversify their team in the Master League battles. Enjoy the Community Day festivities and happy battling!

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