Conquering Shadow Groudon in Pickering

On March 23, 2024, the vibrant community of Exitializ came together for an electrifying meetup with a common goal in mind – to conquer Shadow Groudon on its Raid Day. Led by the indomitable Yolo9764 and charmandercmder, trainers of all levels united to face this formidable challenge. Despite the chilly weather, trainers braved the elements with determination and camaraderie, showcasing the true spirit of teamwork within the world of Pokémon GO. The raids were strategically planned around the Esplanade Park area in Pickering, adding an extra layer of adventure to the day’s events.

The Gathering

The meetup kicked off with a buzz of anticipation as trainers from near and far gathered at the Esplanade Park area in Pickering. Despite the cold weather, laughter and friendly banter filled the air as old friends reunited and new friendships were forged under the guidance of Yolo9764 and charmandercmder. The sense of unity and shared purpose was palpable, setting the stage for an epic adventure ahead.

Team Formation and Strategy

Under the leadership of Yolo9764 and charmandercmder, teams were quickly formed based on experience and Pokémon lineup. Veteran trainers offered guidance and strategic insights, ensuring that each team was well-prepared to take on the challenge of Shadow Groudon. Discussions buzzed about optimal counters, move sets, and the best ways to maximize damage against this formidable opponent, all while exploring the Esplanade Park area in Pickering.

The Raid Battle

With teams organized and strategies in place, the moment of truth arrived as the raid countdown began. Cheers erupted as the battle against Shadow Groudon commenced, with trainers unleashing their strongest Pokémon and coordinating attacks to whittle down its health bar. The ground shook as Groudon unleashed its devastating moves, testing the resilience and coordination of the raid group under the expert guidance of Yolo9764 and charmandercmder.

Triumph and Celebration

After a hard-fought battle that tested the skills and teamwork of every trainer present, victory was finally achieved as Shadow Groudon fell before the united might of the Exitializ community. Cheers and high-fives were exchanged as rewards were collected, including rare candies, TMs, and the chance to catch the elusive Shadow Groudon for themselves. Yolo9764 and charmandercmder’s leadership was instrumental in guiding the raid groups to success.

Reflections and Gratitude

As the meetup drew to a close, a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie lingered in the air. Trainers reflected on the challenges they had overcome together and the bonds they had formed throughout the day, grateful for the leadership and guidance provided by Yolo9764 and charmandercmder. Despite the chilly weather, the spirit of unity and collaboration that had defined the event served as a reminder of the power of community within the world of Pokémon GO.


The Exitializ meetup on March 23, 2024, was a day to remember – a day of triumph, teamwork, and shared passion for the world of Pokémon. Led by the exemplary leadership of Yolo9764 and charmandercmder, trainers came together to conquer Shadow Groudon, forging bonds that will last long after the raid is over. As the community disperses, the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration that defined this day will continue to shine brightly within the Exitializ community, a testament to the power of teamwork in overcoming even the most formidable challenges, even in the face of chilly weather and amidst the scenic beauty of the Esplanade Park area in Pickering.

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