Exitializ Community Takes Action: A Recap of Our Cleanup Event at Esplanade Park

On a sunny morning of April 13, 2024, the Exitializ community came together in a spirited effort to give back to our environment. As part of Pokémon GO’s celebration of Earth Day (April 22) and Sustainability Week (April 22-26), we partnered with Kristy Gagen from the City of Pickering for a special cleanup mission at Esplanade Park. This event was not only a prelude to our Mega Heracross Raid Day but also a meaningful way to contribute to global environmental efforts.

Why Esplanade Park?

Esplanade Park has been a central hub for our community during Pokémon GO events, making it a natural choice for our cleanup initiative. This park, with its scenic views and vibrant activity, has fostered many of our community’s memories. This time, our goal was to restore its beauty, ensuring it remains a cherished spot for everyone.

The Cleanup Drive

Equipped with gloves, trash bags, and an enthusiastic spirit, our volunteers, including many first-timers, tackled the park and the adjacent parking lot fence line. Our objective was clear: no litter left behind. From plastic wrappers to discarded items, each piece of trash collected represented a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable park.

The atmosphere was electric as community members of all ages joined forces, picking up litter while exchanging stories and laughter. It was inspiring to see our community, often engaged in digital realms, come together for a tangible, impactful cause.

The Impact

The transformation was immediate and visible. We filled numerous bags, and the park was noticeably cleaner, a testament to the collective effort of all the volunteers. More importantly, the event sparked important conversations about environmental responsibility and the impact of individual actions on our local spaces. Many participants left with a renewed commitment to not only keep our spaces clean but also to advocate for and engage in ongoing environmental conservation.

Looking Forward

The success of this cleanup event has kindled a deeper interest in environmental stewardship within the Exitializ community. There is already excitement about future cleanups and other environmental initiatives, suggesting that this event was just the beginning of a broader commitment to sustainability.


Reflecting on the cleanup, we are reminded of the powerful role community and collective action play in environmental conservation. Whether through our engagement in Pokémon GO or through direct community service, each effort contributes to a larger impact. We are excited to continue this momentum and further integrate sustainability into our community activities.

Stay tuned for more updates, including highlights from our Mega Heracross Raid Day. Let’s continue to make a difference, one Pokémon—and one piece of litter—at a time!

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