Discover NFTs in Worldshards Early Access

Worldshards, the fantasy MMORPG currently in early access, has already implemented a unique feature that allows players to find tradable NFTs within the game. While the multiplayer aspect is still under development, players can enjoy a single-player experience that involves battling monsters, gathering resources, completing quests, and crafting items.

In the world of Worldshards, players can venture out into instanced areas, fight hostile monsters, and gather resources to craft powerful items. The game follows the Big Time model, where players progress by completing quests, crafting items, and building structures on their land. The ultimate goal is to go on adventures, craft better items, and find NFTs that can enhance the player’s base.

Finding NFTs in Worldshards is currently a random process, with players receiving blueprints for decorative items that can be placed in their base without any resource cost. These NFTs increase the comfort level of the base and allow for the construction of more advanced structures like workshops and refining stations. In future updates, players will also be able to trade and sell these blueprints.

While owning an Island NFT is not required to play the game, it does provide players with more space to construct their base and unlock more crafting options. Additionally, Islands can serve as social hubs for guilds and friends once multiplayer is released. Players can purchase decorative NFTs and land NFTs on the Open Loot marketplace.

Worldshards is a sandbox fantasy MMO game set in the world of Murlandia, where players can battle monsters, solve puzzles, and build structures. The game aims to create a player-run economy where all items can be crafted and traded. There are two versions of the game available, a web2 version on Steam and a web3 version that supports NFT trading.

To learn more about Worldshards and join the early access playtest, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord community. With the promise of multiplayer features and a vibrant NFT economy, Worldshards is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the world of blockchain gaming.

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