Niantic Reveals Information on Wonder Ticket Part 3

Niantic just announced the details for Part 3 of the Wonder Ticket, a season-long ticket that offers Trainers a new premium Timed Research every month. This month, Trainers who have purchased the Wonder Ticket can look forward to encounters with Poison-type Pokémon and the opportunity to catch another Poipole.

According to the official blog post from Niantic, starting on May 1, 2024, Trainers with the Wonder Ticket can embark on the final stretch of their World of Wonders journey. This month’s Timed Research will focus on Poison-type Pokémon from both our world and Ultra Space. Additionally, Trainers will have the chance to catch an additional Poipole that has wandered into our world of wonders.

The Wonder Ticket Part 3 offers a variety of rewards for completing the Timed Research tasks, including encounters with Poison-type Pokémon, a second Poipole, a Star Piece, a Lucky Egg, a Poffin, a Premium Battle Pass, Incense, and more.

Trainers can find the full details for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Wonder Ticket on the Pokémon GO Hub website. Part 1 focused on the overall concept of the Wonder Ticket, while Part 2 revolved around Eeveelutions.

Overall, the Wonder Ticket continues to provide exciting opportunities for Trainers to engage with new content and challenges in Pokémon GO. By purchasing the Wonder Ticket, Trainers can enhance their gameplay experience and unlock exclusive rewards that are not available to regular players.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Niantic regarding the Wonder Ticket and other upcoming events in Pokémon GO. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the wonders of Poison-type Pokémon and catch another Poipole during Part 3 of this exciting season-long adventure.

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