Earn while playing in Dimension X Arenas

Dimension X has introduced a new and exciting feature called Arenas, where players can compete in evenly matched battles for special prizes. These prizes could range from crafting materials to power tokens or even valuable blockchain tokens. The best part is, Dimension X is free to play, so anyone can dive into the arena mode and start their competitive journey.

In the arena quests, every player has access to the same hero pool, ensuring a level playing field regardless of experience or level. Joining the arena quests is simple and free. Players can recruit their team, place their heroes strategically, and await the results of the battle.

While waiting for the arena results, players can engage in other quests within Dimension X. Quests are competitions with other players, each with its own time limit and leaderboard. Rewards are distributed based on players’ placement on the leaderboard, encouraging competition and strategic gameplay.

Players can earn experience, faction points, and various resources by completing quests. These resources include THUL tokens for minting new heroes and Tech tokens for upgrading hero powers. Additionally, players have the opportunity to craft gear, which can be equipped to enhance a hero’s abilities.

Dimension X offers players the flexibility to choose between playing on the Flow or Ethereum network. The Flow network requires a Dapper account, while the Ethereum side works with MetaMask, providing options for players based on their preferences.

New to Dimension X? It is a web-based strategy game where players assemble teams of heroes to battle fearsome creatures and compete in quests for rewards. New players start with a selection of free heroes and can acquire more as they progress. By participating in quests, players can earn resources, tokens, hero experience, and gear, which can enhance their heroes’ abilities and power.

For players looking to gain an edge, NFT heroes are available for purchase on both the Flow and Ethereum chains. NFT owners can stake their NFTs in-game to utilize them, enhancing their gameplay experience.

With a vast array of features including character abilities, powers, affinities, gear, factions, and strategic decision-making, Dimension X offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience for players.

To learn more about Dimension X and start playing, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord community. Take on the challenge, compete in the arenas, and earn valuable rewards in this dynamic and exciting game world!

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