Earn While You Battle: MetalCore Closed Beta 2 Unveils Play-to-Earn Mechanics & Token Rewards

Participate and Gain Rewards in MetalCore Closed Beta 2

The second closed beta for MetalCore has begun, offering participants the opportunity to accumulate Marks. These Marks can then be used to receive a share of MCG tokens during the forthcoming token generation event!

Lately, it seems like every second web3 gaming update includes the introduction of a new cryptocurrency. This case is similar! MetalCore is moving into the second phase of its closed beta test, providing tokens as incentives for both players and community participants.

The phase named Mech Up in the beta commenced on April 9th, 2024, and is scheduled to continue until May 14th. It includes a one-week break from April 23rd to April 30th to accommodate a highly confidential update!

If you haven't obtained a beta access key yet, you can register by visiting https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejm2rrZNPPX2ked-8Hw-5qpHeaNJhuRlSHhPqCv9SJ67327w/viewform and keep an eye on MetalCore's social media for chances to join. Moreover, those who possess MetalCore Infantry NFTs are granted immediate access to the beta.

The beta version of the game includes a play-to-earn feature using Marks. Players participating in the beta can accumulate Marks by engaging in gameplay and finishing tasks. These Marks can be exchanged for MSG, which is the designated cryptocurrency of the MetalCore network.

If you're unable to access the beta, don't worry! You still have the opportunity to accumulate Marks through engaging in social quests on DeQuest. A lot of these involve typical activities like following, retweeting, and joining, but there are also quests that require achievements within the game itself.

Moreover, MetalCore is organizing a migration event. They are encouraging users to transfer their MetalCore Infantry NFTs to the Immutable skEVM network. By migrating your Infantry NFTs, you'll be able to use them in the MetalCore game and qualify for MCG token rewards, which can be claimed at the Token Generation Event (TGE). To qualify for the additional token reward, you must transfer your Infantry NFTs during the period from now until May 14th, 2024, by 3 PM PST.

MCG will serve as a token for staking and converting items into NFTs. Additionally, players can exchange MCG for Shards, a currency within the game that is essential for most in-game advancements, including buying cosmetic enhancements and conveniences like rapid transit and accelerated equipment maintenance.

We haven't set an exact launch date for MCG, but the team is aiming to release it shortly following the conclusion of Phase 2.

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a web3-integrated game that combines elements of Planetside and Battlefield. It offers both first-person and third-person perspectives in a science fiction setting, featuring a wide array of vehicles, infantry classes, and equipment configurations. The game organizes faction-based, instanced battles, accommodating up to 100 players on each team. Players can engage in both vehicle and on-foot combat, exploring diverse tactics and support roles. Effective teamwork and communication within your faction are crucial for success.

In the Faction conflicts, different groups strive to capture and hold key strategic locations across the map. Controlling these points offers in-game benefits to the dominant group. Players are allotted a finite number of respawns for each conflict. When a player exhausts their respawns, they cannot participate further in the current skirmish. However, this allows for other players to step in and continue the fight.

MetalCore features areas for both player versus environment and player versus player interactions. Participants can create and modify vehicles and gear within Garages, enhancing them with unique skins and stickers. Additionally, MetalCore will facilitate the formation of Baronies, which are essentially player groups or guilds.

MetalCore will offer options for playing at no cost. Additionally, they are launching a program for content creators that includes incentives for those who stream and produce videos. The game is presently undergoing beta testing.

Earlier this year, MetalCore formed a partnership with Immutable X, which means we can anticipate upcoming integrations involving the Immutable Passport and marketplace.

For further information on MetalCore, explore their official website, stay updated via their Twitter, and connect with their community on Discord.

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