Unveiling the Mysteries of Dread Awakening: A Deep Dive into Gods Unchained’s Latest Expansion

Awakening of Dread in Gods Unchained

Enthusiasts and gamers, prepare yourselves as Gods Unchained has officially unveiled its upcoming expansion, Awakening of Dread, set to debut on April 22nd! This expansion enhances the card choices in this fantasy trading card game by adding new, formidable abilities and seven distinct Mythic variants!

A fresh collection called Dread Awakening is set to release soon in Gods Unchained! This upcoming set features 132 new cards, with thirteen of them being legendary, along with the introduction of two novel card mechanics — Dreadtouched and Elderytch Mystery!

Dreadtouched powers are triggered by offering up one of your own creatures. This combination, especially when linked with Afterlife effects, appears to be a promising strategy! Currently, there's no detailed explanation for Elderytch Mystery, but it might be a card that can be enhanced? It's likely that the Gods Unchained crew will share more details shortly.

Dead Awakening will feature Mythic editions, unique iterations of legendary cards distinguished by exclusive artwork. This set contains a total of seven. After collecting all seven, players can uncover three special Promo cards in premium packs. Note that premium packs are available for purchase only. Packs obtained from promotions or as prizes are classified as Reward packs and do not include these Promo cards.

In "Dread Awakening," eighteen cards—comprising six rare, six epic, and six legendary—can only be obtained by crafting. This crafting mechanic, a fairly recent addition to Gods Unchained, involves players discarding a designated group of cards to create new ones. The ability to craft new cards is always restricted, as it pertains only to particular collections, and it is discontinued once the sale period for those collections concludes.

Dread Awakening introduces modifications to Legendary crafting as well. When used in crafting, Epic cards will now be demoted to Meteorite Shine. While it appears that the original cards are still consumed in the process, crafters will actually obtain new, Meteorite-enhanced versions of the Epic cards.

Check out the official Dread Awakening website for additional details and background information on the set.

Additional Information on Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game that is available at no cost. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and incorporates the Immutable X layer-2 solution to enable trading without transaction fees. In this game, players have complete control over their cards. By participating in the game, players can acquire digital 'Core' cards. Should a player collect several of the same Core cards, they have the option to combine them into a single card that is recorded on the blockchain. This new card can then be exchanged in various marketplaces.

Gods Unchained provides multiple ways to play and earn rewards. Participants can acquire cards through regular gameplay, secure packs by participating in weekend competitions, and even earn daily GODS tokens just by playing the game!

Gods Unchained has grown through numerous expansions, offering a diverse array of cards catering to various playing styles. Players have the option to purchase and unlock card packs via the official website. For secondary purchases, cards can be found on the Immutable X Marketplace and Token Trove.

Additionally, you can check out their website, follow their updates on Twitter, and become a member of their Discord community.

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