End of an Era: Eternal Dragons Shuts Down Despite Innovative NFT Integration

Goodbye to Eternal Dragons

Surprisingly, the Eternal Dragons have proven to be less everlasting than their name suggests. Almost eighteen months after they released their initial alpha version, the team behind Eternal Dragons has declared that they are discontinuing the game.

In the midst of mostly upbeat updates from the web3 gaming scene, we must share some regrettable news. Eternal Dragons, a game in this community, is completely discontinuing its operations. The game's development has been halted, and plans are in place to shut down the servers, website, and Discord in the near future.

Last year saw a significant rise in popularity, but now, a shortage of players and continuous financial issues have abruptly stopped another game in its tracks. Eternal Dragons, despite its innovative approach of incorporating NFTs to aid and share profits with professional players, failed to draw enough of an audience to sustain its development.

For holders of Eternal Dragons NFTs, there's a bit of positive news. The team behind Eternal Dragons has announced plans to repurchase Genesis Dragons and Eggs from users. This repurchase program is limited to items from the Genesis collection, as the option to hatch new eggs has been discontinued. They are offering $30 USDC per Egg and between $12 to $120 USDC for Dragons, depending on their rarity. Although this may not fully compensate those who invested heavily in these NFTs initially, it offers some consolation compared to the usual outcome of receiving nothing when a game ceases operations.

Information regarding the methods and timing for trading these NFTs remains unclear. Stay tuned to the Eternal Dragons Twitter page for the latest news.

Visit https://eternaldragons.medium.com/eternal-dragons-final-chapter-83207c247820 to access the formal statement.

Concluding Remarks

It may appear otherwise at times, but not everyone is destined for victory. Regrettably, Eternal Dragons falls into the category of those who don't succeed. From my perspective, their game lacked engaging elements. However, the idea of their Player Cards is intriguing and could pave the way for future NFTs inspired by this concept.

Player Cards functioned as a financial stake in a specific professional player, enabling holders of the cards to receive a share of the player’s earnings from tournaments and various events. This method offers a valuable financial resource for professional players and simultaneously lets fans engage actively in the experience, instead of merely observing from the sidelines.

However, Eternal Dragons appeared to lack innovation in their gameplay and in their integration of other NFTs, which resulted in a dwindling number of players and diminishing interest from external observers.

Eternal Dragons was an online game that utilized web3 technology, focusing on automated battles where teams of dragons competed on a grid-based map. The initial alpha release of Eternal Dragons occurred in December 2022, incorporating NFTs that were based on the Solana blockchain.

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