Unlock the Thrill: Compete and Earn in Dimension X’s New Arenas

Explore and Win in Dimension X Arenas

Dimension X now features exciting arenas where players can engage in fair competitions to win exclusive rewards such as crafting items, power tokens, or potentially blockchain tokens!

Dimension X can be played at no cost, eliminating any obstacles to giving their latest arena mode a go. Moreover, the hero selection is uniform across all players in arena events, ensuring that newcomers and seasoned players are on equal footing.

Participating in Arena quests costs nothing. Simply search for the quest marked by an arena symbol featuring an X. After entering, you assemble your team, position your champions, and then await the outcome.

While you're anticipating the outcomes from the arena, consider participating in additional quests! Dimension X quests involve competitive challenges against fellow players. Every quest comes with a deadline and includes a ranking system. As the quest concludes, players receive prizes determined by their rank on the leaderboard. Prizes are distributed according to the overall ranking and specific achievements, such as receiving a bonus for ranking in the upper 10% in terms of damage inflicted. Certain quests also offer rewards to everyone who participates!

Participants gain expertise, group credits, and different materials upon finishing missions. These rewards encompass THUL tokens, which are necessary for creating new champions, and Tech tokens, crucial for enhancing the abilities of Heroes.

Dimension X is available at no cost. Players have the option to engage on the Flow network or the primary Ethereum network. For the Flow network, setting up a Dapper account is required, which can be conveniently created using an Apple or Google login, or an email address. On the Ethereum side, Metamask is utilized.

What is Dimension X?

Dimension X is an online strategy game where players create teams of heroes to battle against formidable monsters. Participants build their teams aiming to create the most effective damage synergy to climb the ranks on the quest leaderboard. Rewards are distributed to players depending on their rankings in these quest competitions.

New participants begin with a variety of complimentary Heroes and can acquire additional ones during gameplay. Each Hero can only participate in one mission simultaneously. Therefore, frequently engaging and expanding your collection of Heroes will accelerate your advancement.

Participants can accumulate resources, faction scores, tokens, and hero experience by completing quests. They can also discover and create equipment. Once equipped, equipment becomes attached to a specific hero, though it can be replaced by newer gear. When the season concludes, all items and materials are removed, however, heroes keep legacy bonuses from any equipped gear as permanent boosts to their character. This enables players to consistently enhance their character's strength from one season to the next, despite the resets of items.

For enthusiasts seeking an advantage, NFT heroes are available for purchase on both the Flow and Ethereum platforms. To utilize these NFTs within the game, owners must stake them, although they have the flexibility to unstake them whenever they choose.

Dimension X offers a wide array of strategic elements including character skills, special abilities, equipment, alliances, interconnected zones, and other features, providing ample opportunities for tactical gameplay and foresight.

For additional information on Dimension X, explore their official website, keep up with their updates on Twitter, and engage in conversations on their Discord channel.

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