Enroll in Big Time VIP Program for Bonus Perks!

Big Time, an exciting MMORPG game, has introduced a new VIP program for its dedicated players. This program offers generous rewards, starting with a bonus roll when collecting BIGTIME tokens from Boss chests. Players can participate in this program by holding a certain amount of BIGTIME tokens, with the lowest tier requiring 25,000 tokens and the highest tier requiring 200,000 tokens.

The Big Time team has promised many more bonuses in the future for VIP members, but for now, they have implemented the ‘BIGTIME VIP Bonus Roll’, which provides additional tokens depending on the player’s VIP tier. This is just the beginning of the rewards that players can expect from the VIP program.

In addition to the VIP program, Big Time also features Leaderboards that offer opportunities for players to earn a significant amount of tokens through various activities such as crafting, ranking up, and entering Prestige Portals. These leaderboards run in cycles, with rewards of BIGTIME tokens distributed to players in weekly installments.

For those unfamiliar with Big Time, it is a fantasy MMORPG dungeon crawler game where players can team up with others or venture out on their own. The game features fast-paced action, with players facing large groups of enemies and challenging boss battles. Players can choose from four different classes and customize their characters with NFT items found on adventures or crafted in their Space, a crafting/housing NFT.

Big Time also offers a unique leveling system that allows players to switch between classes at any time using Pocket Watches. The game is currently in closed alpha but is accessible to players with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, as well as those who own a SPACE NFT.

To learn more about the VIP program, Leaderboards, and all the exciting features of Big Time, players can visit the official website, join the Discord chat, or follow the game on Twitter. With the introduction of the VIP program, players can look forward to even more rewards and incentives for their dedication to the game. So, if you’re a Big Time player looking to level up your gameplay experience and earn some fantastic rewards, consider joining the Big Time VIP program today!

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