Suicune Analysis: PvP and PvE.

Shadow Suicune has made its appearance in Pokémon GO, joining the ranks of Shadow Entei and Shadow Raikou in 5-star shadow raids throughout May. As a fan favorite from the Crystal/Gold era, Suicune boasts a sleek design and powerful moves, making it an appealing choice for trainers looking to bolster their teams. In this article, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Shadow Suicune in both PvP and PvE scenarios to help you determine if it’s worth investing in.

Starting with PvP, we’ll analyze Shadow Suicune’s performance in the Ultra League, where it is most viable. While Suicune’s shadow form may seem like a formidable choice, a closer look reveals that it is a slight downgrade from its non-shadow counterpart in terms of overall performance. The shadow form’s decreased defense stats make it vulnerable to certain matchups, resulting in new losses against a variety of opponents, including bulky Pokémon like Mandibuzz and Snorlax, as well as more attack-oriented threats like Shadow Swampert and Toxicroak.

Despite these drawbacks, Shadow Suicune can still be a valuable asset in PvP, especially as a safe swap option. Its tanky nature and potent charged moves, such as Scald and Ice Beam, allow it to put pressure on a wide range of opponents and potentially secure shield advantage for your team. If you manage to obtain a Shadow Suicune with high IVs, particularly in the bulk department, it could be worth considering for your Ultra League lineup.

In the Master League, Shadow Suicune faces a tougher challenge due to the dominance of Dragon-type Pokémon in the meta. While it may struggle against top-tier opponents like Groudon and Ho-Oh, skilled players with a strategic team composition could still find success with this unique pick. Shadow Suicune’s new results in the Master League highlight its limitations but also hint at its potential if used wisely.

For trainers looking to bring Shadow Suicune into the Great League, it’s worth noting that the legendary Pokémon was once available at a lower CP level as a shadow. While it may not be as competitive as other options like Shadow Feraligatr, a well-built Shadow Suicune could still offer some surprises in the right matchups. Keep an eye out for opportunities to obtain a Great League-ready Shadow Suicune for a fun and unconventional choice in battles.

Switching gears to PvE, Shadow Suicune falls short compared to its shadow counterparts in terms of overall performance as a Water-type attacker. The lack of a Water-type fast move and limited charged move options hinder its raid potential, placing it below other Water-type Pokémon like Shadow Lapras. Despite some new moves like Waterfall and Surf, Shadow Suicune’s raid score doesn’t see significant improvement, showcasing its defensive-oriented stats as a limiting factor.

In conclusion, while Shadow Suicune may not shine as brightly in PvE scenarios, it still offers strategic value in PvP, particularly in the Ultra League. Trainers looking to add this legendary Pokémon to their roster should prioritize obtaining a high IV variant for optimal performance. With careful planning and smart gameplay, Shadow Suicune can be a valuable asset in your Pokémon GO battles.

Whether you’re seeking to bolster your PvP team or conquer legendary raids, Shadow Suicune presents a unique challenge and opportunity for trainers to explore. Consider the insights shared in this analysis to make informed decisions about incorporating Shadow Suicune into your Pokémon GO adventures. Happy hunting, trainers!

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