Exploring New Horizons: A First Look at Life Beyond’s Open World Early Access Preview

Preview of Life Beyond in Early Access

Life Beyond has launched an early access preview exclusively for holders of Founder’s Watches NFTs. Currently, the game remains somewhat rudimentary and restricted, yet the gameplay operates fairly seamlessly. Additionally, this preview provides the initial glimpse into the expansive world of Dolos!

This sneak peek into the early stages introduces a fresh phase in the ongoing development of Life Beyond. Since first delving into its universe in an alpha test in July 2022, Life Beyond has conducted several alpha playtests. However, this is the first instance that features an open world design!

Following the destruction of our space colony in a significant battle, we've returned, seemingly having made an emergency landing on this planet (the details of which are not explained in the story). Now, players are emerging from cryogenic sleep, acclimating to the challenging surroundings, and are being given missions to assist in establishing a foothold for our community on this foreign world.

At present, the game is accessible exclusively to individuals possessing Founder’s Watches, which are currently valued at approximately $530 on Open Sea. However, it is anticipated that access will be extended to more players in the near future.

Further Details on the Initial Access Preview

Currently, this preview is somewhat restricted. It includes a set of introductory missions that guide you through the fundamental aspects of gathering resources and making items. Participants are also encouraged to investigate the basin that serves as our setting. Throughout their journey, participants have the opportunity to upgrade their weaponry, engage with various beings, collect resources, create items, and fulfill missions, all within a vast MMO world featuring a cycle of day and night. This is quite impressive for an initial release! Moreover, it's crucial to note that the game is still in its early alpha stage.

This provides an initial glimpse into the MMO universe. Earlier gameplay sessions of Life Beyond were centered around instanced missions, but they also included multiplayer features.

In a recent Ask Me Anything session, the developers of Life Beyond shared that the progression of the game will be influenced by collective community tasks. Initially, players will have the ability to enhance their basic weapons. However, to unlock the second tier of weaponry, the entire gaming community must succeed in a major group mission which involves activating a fabrication machine or similar device. This strategy not only fosters a sense of unity and common goals among players, but it also allows the development team to seamlessly introduce new content and updates to the game.

Currently, there are no confirmed incentives for joining this playtest, and you should also anticipate that any progress made will likely be reset soon. However, it does offer a chance to experience the open-world gameplay and provides an opportunity to identify and communicate any glitches or problems to the developers.

Obtain the game by visiting the official Life Beyond site.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a no-cost, earn-as-you-play, first-person shooter MMORPG that also offers a third-person perspective. In the game, participants take on the role of inhabitants of Dolos Planet, a foreign planet orbiting a far-off star. Tasked with establishing a new civilization on this world, the settlers find it overrun with aggressive creatures. The challenge for the players is to ensure a safe place for humanity in this extraterrestrial environment!

The game's narrative incorporates real-world occurrences, such as server shutdowns, by integrating these events into the plot.

Adventurers explore the realm to battle monsters and collect materials. They do this not just for personal gain, but also to contribute to collective goals, extensive quests that unlock new features and gameplay elements.

Life Beyond is presently undergoing alpha testing, during which its game servers are accessible for special events at varying intervals. The developers are also in the process of developing a token named BILF, designed to serve as a 'social consensus layer' linked to the Bitcoin network.

For further information on Life Beyond, check out their website, follow their updates on Twitter, and connect with their community on Discord.

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