Unveiling the Mysteries of Dread Awakening: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Gods Unchained Expansion

Get Set for Dread Awakening in Gods Unchained

Attention all collectors and gamers! Gods Unchained has just unveiled its latest expansion, Dread Awakening, set to debut on April 22nd. This expansion will enrich the game’s fantasy trading card collection by adding fresh, potent abilities and seven distinct Mythic variants!

The upcoming release of the Dread Awakening card set in Gods Unchained is just around the corner! This collection will introduce 132 fresh cards, featuring thirteen of them as legendary, along with two innovative card mechanics: Dreadtouched and Elderytch Mystery!

Abilities related to Dreadtouched are triggered by sacrificing one of your creatures. This seems particularly effective when combined with Afterlife effects, promising an intriguing strategy! The specifics of Elderytch Mystery remain unclear, but it appears it might be a card you can improve over time? More details are likely to be disclosed by the Gods Unchained team shortly.

Dead Awakening will feature Mythic versions of legendary cards, each boasting distinct, exclusive artwork. This set contains a total of seven such cards. After these seven cards are collected, three exclusive Promo cards will be unlocked, available only in premium packs. Premium packs must be bought; packs obtained from promotional events or as prizes are categorized as Reward packs and do not include these Promo cards.

Creating Cards in Dread Awakening

In the Dread Awakening series, there are eighteen unique cards – distributed among six rare, six epic, and six legendary – that can only be obtained by crafting. Crafting is a fairly recent addition to Gods Unchained, where players must use a designated group of cards from their collection to create these new cards. The ability to craft these cards is always restricted; it is associated with particular sets and is only available until the sales period for that set concludes.

Dread Awakening will introduce modifications to how Legendary cards are crafted. When Epic cards are utilized in the crafting process, they will be transformed into Meteorite Shine versions. It appears that the original Epic cards are consumed in the process, with crafters receiving new, Meteorite-enhanced versions of these cards instead.

Check out the official Dread Awakening website for additional details and background on the set.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game that is free to play. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and incorporates the Immutable X layer-2 solution to allow for trading without incurring gas fees. This setup ensures that players have complete ownership of their cards. By participating in the game, players can acquire digital 'Core' cards. Should a player accumulate several identical Core cards, they have the option to combine them into a single blockchain-enabled card, which can then be traded in the marketplace.

Gods Unchained provides multiple ways for players to earn rewards. By actively participating in games, players can acquire cards, secure card packs by competing in weekend events, and even earn GODS tokens just for playing daily!

Gods Unchained has grown significantly, offering a diverse range of cards to suit various playing strategies. Participants can purchase and unpack card packs directly from the official website. Additionally, cards can be bought and sold on secondary markets such as Immutable X Marketplace and Token Trove.

Additionally, you can explore their website, follow their updates on Twitter, and become a member of their Discord community.

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