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The Pokémon GO community is always on the move, exploring the world and catching Pokémon in the process. One exciting new feature that has recently been introduced to the game is Routes, which allow Trainers to create and follow pre-defined paths full of adventure and rewards. In this article, we will dive into the GO Hub Guide to Routes, giving you all the information you need to make the most out of this exciting new feature.

Routes are paths created by adventurous Trainers, just like you! These paths can lead you to new Pokémon encounters, new friends to battle Raids with, and even gifts to exchange with Mateo. By following a Route, you can explore new areas, discover hidden treasures, and earn rewards along the way. Completing a Route will also grant you a unique Route Badge, featuring a custom photo from the start or end point of the Route.

But Routes are not just about exploration and rewards – they also offer a variety of bonuses to enhance your Pokémon GO experience. By following a Route to its end for the first time, you earn a new Route Badge. You can also earn Buddy Candy more quickly, attract Pokémon more effectively with Incense, and receive XP bonuses for completing Routes each day. After completing Routes for seven days, you'll even receive an increased XP bonus. And if you adventure with your buddy, you can earn a Buddy Heart by completing a Route together.

Finding a Route to follow is easy – simply tap on the Binoculars menu and select the Route tab to see nearby Routes. You can preview a Route to review its details, including the distance, estimated completion time, and any bonuses it offers. Once you've chosen a Route, tap the Follow button and start your adventure. The Route will automatically begin when you reach the start point, and you can track your progress on the Map View.

As you walk along the Route, you'll encounter Route Spawns, special Pokémon that spawn along Routes and are marked by their unique logo. Keep an eye out for these rare spawns, especially regional Pokémon that are commonly found on Routes. And don't forget to collect Zygarde Cells, which can be found along Routes and used to change Zygarde's form.

If you're feeling creative, you can also create your own Routes to share with other Trainers. Simply choose a starting point, hit record, map out your Route, and submit it for review. Once accepted, Trainers can follow your Route and experience the adventure you've created.

And don't forget about Mateo! This friendly researcher loves exchanging gifts with Trainers and can be found at the end point of certain Routes. By participating in a Gift Exchange with Mateo, you can receive unique gifts from other Trainers and expand your collection.

Routes are an exciting new feature in Pokémon GO that encourages exploration, creativity, and community engagement. Whether you're following a Route created by another Trainer or creating your own, Routes offer a whole new way to experience the world of Pokémon. So grab your phone, lace up your shoes, and start exploring the globe with the Pokémon GO community as your guide!

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