Pre-release NFT Sale in Wild Forest

Wild Forest, the popular web3-enabled real-time strategy game, has announced an exciting pre-release NFT sale that will offer players the opportunity to acquire exclusive NFT packs containing Lords, Units, and skin NFTs. The sale is set to open on May 23rd for those lucky enough to secure a whitelist spot.

The pre-release NFT sale will feature over 13,000 NFT packs, with three different pack options available: standard, premium, and founder. Each pack level offers unique rewards, with the founder packs guaranteeing legendary NFTs. The packs will be priced in RON token, with costs ranging from 10 RON to 120 RON. There will be a limited number of packs available, including 8,000 standard packs, 5,000 premium packs, and only 200 founder packs.

For players who already own a Lord NFT or participated in the recent play-to-airdrop campaign, they are eligible to claim a whitelist spot for the pre-release sale. Those who missed out on securing a spot initially still have a chance to participate, as the Wild Forest team plans to hold a livestream on May 21st where they will raffle off 50 spots to Lord holders and players who accumulated at least 15k points during season one.

Wild Forest supports various types of NFTs, including Units, Lords, and Skins. Unit NFTs allow players to utilize specific units in-game, with the opportunity to rank them up to legendary status for improved stats. Lord NFT holders receive exclusive perks and benefits, such as in-game advantages and priority access to future sales and events. Additionally, the pre-release packs include limited-edition Spirit Warrior skins for select units.

Players interested in Wild Forest can visit the game's marketplace to trade NFTs and acquire rare cards and items. The game, which draws inspiration from classic real-time strategy titles like Warcraft and Starcraft, offers a unique gameplay experience where players must strategically build a deck of units before engaging in battles.

Wild Forest operates on the Ronin network, and players will need a compatible wallet to utilize NFTs and receive rewards. The game's innovative approach to combining traditional strategy elements with blockchain technology has garnered significant attention in the gaming community.

To stay updated on Wild Forest and learn more about the upcoming pre-release NFT sale, interested players can visit the game's website, follow their social media channels, and join the official Discord server. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the Wild Forest community and secure exclusive NFTs in the upcoming sale!

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