Medicham Raid: A Complete Guide

Medicham is a dual Psychic and Fighting type Tier Three Raid Boss in Pokémon GO. With its unique typing, trainers need to consider their counters carefully to defeat this challenging raid boss. Medicham can also be encountered in its shiny form, with boosted odds of 1/64.

When facing off against Medicham in a raid, trainers should be aware of its potential CP values. At level 20, Medicham can have a CP range of 764-817, while at level 25 with Cloudy or Windy weather boost, it can have a CP range of 955-1022. Depending on your levels and available counters, it is possible to solo Medicham, but newer trainers or those lacking ideal counters may want to bring a friend for additional support.

For optimal performance in a Medicham raid, trainers should consider using powerful Fairy, Flying, and Ghost type Pokémon. Some of the best counters for Medicham include Mega Rayquaza, Mega Gengar, Mega Gardevoir, and Chandelure. These Pokémon offer high DPS and are equipped with moves that are super effective against Medicham.

In addition to the best counters, it’s crucial to understand Medicham’s moveset. Medicham can use Fast Moves such as Psycho Cut and Counter, as well as Charge Moves like Ice Punch, Psychic, Dynamic Punch, and Power-Up Punch. By knowing its moveset, trainers can plan their strategies and counters accordingly.

Overall, Medicham presents a unique challenge in raids due to its dual typing and powerful moves. By utilizing the best counters and understanding its moveset, trainers can increase their chances of defeating Medicham and potentially catching it in its shiny form. So gather your team, prepare your counters, and take on the Medicham raid with confidence!

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