Necrozma Raid Strategy

Necrozma is a formidable Psychic type 5-tier Raid boss in Pokémon GO that requires a strategic approach and the right counters to defeat. To successfully take down Necrozma, it is recommended to bring Bug, Dark, and Ghost type Pokémon with high CP and strong movesets. Shiny Necrozma is also available for trainers who are battling in person at GO Fest events or globally during the Global GO Fest.

When facing Necrozma in a Raid, it is essential to have a minimum group size of 3-7 Trainers to ensure a successful battle. Necrozma appears in raids with varying CP ranges, ranging from 2018 CP to 2630 CP with a weather boost.

To optimize your chances of defeating Necrozma, it is crucial to utilize the best counters available. According to the GO Hub battle simulator, some of the top counters for Necrozma include Mega Tyranitar, Necrozma (Dawn Wings), Mega Gengar, Shadow Tyranitar, Mega Banette, and others. These Pokémon have the right type advantage and movesets to deal significant damage to Necrozma.

Necrozma has impressive stats with high Attack, Defense, and HP, making it a challenging opponent. It is weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves, while being strong against Fighting and Psychic type moves. Understanding these matchups can help you strategize your battle more effectively.

When it comes to Necrozma's moveset, it includes Fast Moves like Shadow Claw, Psycho Cut, and Metal Claw, along with Charge Moves such as Dark Pulse, Iron Head, Future Sight, and Outrage. Knowing Necrozma's moves can help you anticipate its attacks and plan your defense accordingly.

In conclusion, battling Necrozma in a Raid requires a combination of strong counters, effective strategy, and teamwork. By utilizing the right Pokémon with the best movesets, understanding Necrozma's weaknesses, and coordinating with other Trainers, you can increase your chances of defeating this powerful Psychic type boss. Good luck on your Necrozma Raid battles!

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