PvP Analysis: Shared Skies Move Rebalance.

The recent move rebalance in Pokémon GO, known as Shared Skies Season, has introduced significant changes to various moves in the game. One of the most notable winners of this rebalance is the Pokémon Cetitan, which received an upgrade to its moveset by adding Powder Snow. This change has elevated Cetitan to a much higher position in the rankings, making it a top contender among Ice types in various leagues.

Another significant improvement comes with Typhlosion receiving Thunder Punch, which has been a game-changer for this Pokémon. Thunder Punch provides Typhlosion with better coverage against Water types and elevates its performance in both Great and Ultra Leagues. Additionally, Pokémon like Uxie, Scrafty, Swoobat, and others have also benefitted from the move rebalance, leading to enhanced strategies and potential wins in battles.

On the other hand, some Pokémon like Lanturn have been impacted negatively by the nerf to Spark, affecting their performance in battles. However, this change does not drastically reduce the overall effectiveness of these Pokémon, but rather signifies a shift in their usage and strategies in PvP battles.

Overall, the move rebalance has brought about a mix of improvements and adjustments in the PvP meta, creating new opportunities for certain Pokémon while requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. As trainers navigate through these changes in the Shared Skies Season, it will be interesting to see how the meta evolves and which Pokémon rise to prominence in battles.

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