Necrozma Raid – Tips & Strategies

Necrozma is a powerful Psychic type 5-tier Raid boss in Pokémon GO. To defeat Necrozma, you will need to bring your strongest Bug, Dark, and Ghost type Pokémon to have the best chance of success. Shiny Necrozma is available for trainers participating in person at GO Fest Sendai, Madrid, and New York, and will become available globally during the Global GO Fest events.

When facing Necrozma in a Raid battle, you can encounter it at different CP ranges depending on weather conditions. It can range from 2018 CP to 2104 CP at Level 20 without a weather boost, and from 2522 CP to 2630 CP at Level 25 with a Windy weather boost. To take down Necrozma efficiently, it is recommended to have a group size of 3 to 7 Trainers.

The best Necrozma raid counters according to the GO Hub battle simulator include Pokémon like Tyranitar (Mega), Gengar (Mega), Banette (Mega), Chandelure (Shadow), Rayquaza (Mega), Houndoom (Mega), and more. These Pokémon have the right movesets and types to deal significant damage to Necrozma and help you defeat it in battle.

Necrozma's stats and matchups show that it is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves, making Pokémon with these move types ideal choices for battling against it. In terms of movesets, Necrozma can use Fast Moves like Shadow Claw, Psycho Cut, and Metal Claw, along with Charge Moves such as Dark Pulse, Iron Head, Future Sight, and Outrage.

Overall, Necrozma is a challenging Raid boss that requires strategic planning and the right Pokémon to defeat. By assembling a strong team of Bug, Dark, and Ghost types with the recommended movesets, you can increase your chances of capturing Necrozma and adding it to your Pokémon collection.

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