Play Farcana Playtest to Earn FAR Tokens

Farcana, a third-person, team-based, PvP battle game, is currently holding a playtest event where players have the opportunity to earn FAR tokens. This playtest runs through May 4th, with daily windows of playtime from 5-11 am CST. Participants can join in for free and try their hand at earning a share of the 1 million FAR tokens up for grabs.

During the playtest, players can gain Particles by completing missions and combine them to level up. By climbing the leaderboard, players have the chance to receive a share of the tokens. However, the event mission system is not integrated into the game, so players will need to check their status on the Farcana website, and the display of mission achievements may not be in real-time.

The gameplay in Farcana is smooth, and the new payload-style game mode challenges teams to push a cart to the end of the tracks. Each team consists of four players, each selecting a specific character with unique abilities to contribute to the team’s success. Farcana also offers a variety of seasonal events, battle passes, and opportunities for players to earn unique content and prizes.

Farcana has received backing from investors like Animoca Brands and features an NFT collection of Enigma Vaults, with more NFTs like weapon skins and custom emotes planned for the future. To participate in the playtest and learn more about Farcana, interested players can visit the Farcana website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

With its engaging gameplay and potential for growth in the competitive, PVP web3 scene, Farcana offers an exciting opportunity for players to earn while enjoying the game. Don’t miss out on the chance to play, level up, and earn FAR tokens during the playtest event!

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