Shadow Suicune Raid: A Comprehensive Guide

Shadow Suicune is available from Tier 5 legendary Shadow Raids. Shadow Raids can only be completed using in-person raid passes. Shiny Shadow Suicune ✨ is available from Raids starting May, 2024, debuting in the World of Wonders Season.

Shadow Suicune can be caught with the following CP values, with an IV floor of 6/6/6:

  • 1566 – 1704CP (no weather boost, 100% Suicune at Level 20)
  • 1957 – 2130 CP (during Rainy, 100% IV Suicune at Level 25)

Shadow Suicune is a Water-type Pokémon. Shadow Suicune is weak to Electric and Grass-type moves. It takes reduced damage from Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water-type moves.

Shadow Suicune is an immensely difficult Tier 5 raid due to the Shadow Raid enrage mechanism. You will need to be well prepared with top counters, correct move-sets, powered-up Pokémon, and most importantly, Purified Gems.

Best Shadow Suicune Counters
Raid icon

Here are the best Pokémon to use against a Suicune raid boss. Being weak to three different types, Suicune’s counters table is diverse and shows the strongest Pokémon to use against the raid boss. Try to pick from the top end of this list, and ensure they have the necessary move-sets, and are powered up.

# Attacker Fast Move Charge Move Faints TTW

Sceptile (Mega)

Fury Cutter Bug Frenzy Plant Grass 49 1058s

While Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up, we have included the top Shadow Pokémon you can use against Shadow Suicune. Ensure you no longer have Frustration on these Pokémon before considering adding them to your team. If you have any of these as an option, while they may take more damage than non-shadow Pokémon, they will also deal more.

We would highly recommend the use of Mega Pokémon in Shadow Suicune raids. They provide not only greater damage output, but also boost Pokémon of the same typing in the raid. We would suggest discussing your counter choices with your fellow trainers, and plan Mega Pokémon, and their position in your team accordingly.

If you have a group of 6, for example, one person should have their mega in slot 1, the next slot 2, the next slot 3, etc., you can try to keep the mega boost going throughout the raid.

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