Tapu Fini PvP Analysis: Nature’s Fury

Nature’s Madness: Tapu Fini (A PvP Analysis)

Tapu Fini, the final entry in the series of articles looking at the Guardian Deities with their new signature move, Nature’s Madness. How does this affect Tapu Fini’s performance in PvP battles? Let’s delve into the analysis.

Bottom Line Up Front
Nature’s Madness improves Tapu Fini’s performance, but its full potential is only apparent in specific shielding scenarios. While Nature’s Madness is a viable option, Moonblast remains a strong move, making both versions of Tapu Fini competitive in battles across different leagues.

Tapu Fini Stats and Moves
Tapu Fini boasts impressive stats, with high Defense and HP, making it one of the bulkiest Guardian Deities. Its typing as Water and Fairy provides multiple resistances and limited weaknesses, making it a versatile combatant in PvP battles.

In terms of fast moves, Water Gun is the preferred choice over Hidden Power due to its efficiency in dealing damage and generating energy. Among its charge moves, Nature’s Madness stands out as a new addition, offering a unique utility of reducing the opponent’s defense stat.

Analysis Across Leagues
In Master League, Nature’s Madness enhances Tapu Fini’s performance by providing coverage against a wider range of opponents. While Moonblast remains strong, Nature’s Madness offers more strategic advantages in specific matchups, making Tapu Fini a formidable contender in this league.

Moving to Ultra League, Tapu Fini continues to shine with its existing moveset, but Nature’s Madness introduces a strategic twist, excelling in certain shielding scenarios. While it may appear as a downgrade initially, Nature’s Madness proves its worth in specific matchups, making Tapu Fini a versatile and competitive choice.

In Great League, Tapu Fini’s accessibility at lower CP levels allows for its effective use in battles. Nature’s Madness complements its moveset, offering new tactical opportunities that make Tapu Fini a strong contender in this league without necessarily requiring an Elite TM.

In Summation
Tapu Fini remains a top-tier choice among the Guardian Deities, with Nature’s Madness providing an additional strategic option in PvP battles. While Nature’s Madness showcases its strengths in specific scenarios, existing Moonblast variants of Tapu Fini are still viable, offering players flexibility in their team compositions.

Overall, the introduction of Nature’s Madness enhances Tapu Fini’s versatility and competitiveness in PvP battles across different leagues. Whether using the new variant or sticking with the classic Moonblast, Tapu Fini continues to be a potent force on the battlefield.

In conclusion, Nature’s Madness breathes new life into Tapu Fini’s PvP capabilities, solidifying its position as a top-performing Guardian Deity. With strategic nuances to explore and tactical advantages to leverage, Tapu Fini remains a valuable asset for trainers seeking success in PvP battles.

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