Pokémon Sleep: Summer Fest & Cramorant Debt

Pokémon Sleep players are in for a treat with the announcement of the Summer Festival event and the debut of Cramorant! This week-long event celebrates Water, Flying, and Bug types, offering increased appearance rates for these Pokémon while introducing a new mechanism called the Candy Cram-o-matic.

During the Summer Festival event, players can make use of the limited-time Candy Cram-o-matic function. By feeding Dream Shards and Pokémon Candies to the machine, players can obtain M-sized candies of various types. Completing limited-time event missions will reward players with Cramorant Incense and other bonuses. The event will run from Monday, June 17 to Monday, June 24, with all areas being part of the festivities.

Cramorant will make its debut during this event, appearing near certain areas such as Greengrass Isle, Cyan Beach, and Snowdrop Tundra. The Sleep Type for Cramorant is Slumbering, starting from June 17th. Players can use Cramorant Incense to attract this new Pokémon during their sleep research.

The Candy Cram-o-matic is a brand new mechanism in Pokémon Sleep that can be used during the event. By feeding 40 Pokémon Candies and spending Dream Shards, players can obtain M-sized candies of random types. The type of candy received will depend on the Pokémon Candies fed to the machine, with a chance for a Great Success to yield two M-sized candies.

To enhance the Summer Festival experience, players can purchase Summer Festival Bundles Vol. 1 from the in-game shop. These bundles contain items to help players befriend Water, Flying, and Bug-type Pokémon, including Cramorant Incense, Pinsir Incense, and Totodile Incense. The availability period for these bundles is from June 17 to June 25.

Overall, the Summer Festival event in Pokémon Sleep offers a fun and exciting way for players to engage with new content and mechanics. With the introduction of Cramorant and the Candy Cram-o-matic, players can look forward to a week of increased Pokémon appearances and rewards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to participate in the festivities and catch 'em all!

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