Steenee CD Raid Guide

Steenee Community Day Raid Guide

Steenee is a pure Grass type 4-Star Raid boss for Bounsweet Community Day. Best Steenee raid counters include powerful Flying and Fire types to make quick work of this challenging bout. Steenee is also weak to Bug, Ice, and Poison types. You can catch Steenee in the following CP ranges:

– 393 CP – 432 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
– 491 CP – 541 CP at Level 25 with Cloudy weather boost

Steenee shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge with the right Pokémon. We suggest a minimum group size of 2 – 5 trainers to defeat Steenee in a 4-Star Raid.

– Completing these special raids will cause Bounsweet to appear around the gym in higher numbers, with the same shiny rate as during Community Day hours!
– April 20th, 2024, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. local time
– You can only join these raids using Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes. Remote Raid Passes cannot be used to join these Raid Battles.

Steenee Raid Counters

Here are the best Steenee raid counters in Pokémon GO:

– Rayquaza (Mega) with Air Slash and Dragon Ascent
– Charizard (Mega Y) with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
– Blaziken (Mega) with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
– Moltres (Shadow) with Fire Spin and Sky Attack
– Reshiram with Fire Fang and Fusion Flare
– Ho-Oh (Shadow) with Incinerate and Brave Bird
– and more…

Steenee Stats and Match-ups

– Max CP at Level 40: 757 | Max CP at Level 50: 856
– ATK: 78
– DEF: 94
– HP: 141
– Weak to: Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, Poison
– Strong Against: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water

Steenee Moveset

Fast Moves:
– Razor Leaf (Grass)
– Charm (Fairy)

Charge Moves:
– Draining Kiss (Fairy)
– Grass Knot (Grass)
– Energy Ball (Grass)
– Triple Axel (Ice)

Stay safe out there, trainers! Raid with your friends and catch that shiny Steenee during the Bounsweet Community Day event.

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