The Fascinating Story of Goodra and Goomy’s Design

Goodra, the adorable Dragon-type Pokémon from the Gen 6 Pseudo Legendary line, has always been a favorite among fans. Known for its unique design and rich lore, Goodra's evolution from the weak and slimy Goomy to a powerful Pseudo Legendary Dragon is truly fascinating.

The design of Goodra and Goomy is based on various inspirations, starting with Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs) like Dragon Quest. The iconic slimes from these games serve as the basis for Goomy's design, with their weak and blob-like appearance. The slime hype in JRPGs extended to other games like Dungeon and Dragons, Final Fantasy, and even Slime Rancher 2, where slimes resembling Goomy can be found.

The inspiration for Goomy's design also comes from real-life creatures like slugs and snails, which are nature's embodiment of slime. Goomy's vulnerability to drying out, as mentioned in its Ultra Moon Dex entries, adds a unique twist to its character.

The evolution of Goomy into a powerful Dragon type reflects classic tales of knights slaying dragons. The medieval satire of knights fighting even snails adds to the whimsical nature of Goomy's evolution. The inspiration for Goodra's design also comes from French folklore, specifically Lou Carcolh, a dragon-like creature with retractable horns.

The viscoelasticity property of certain materials, known as Pseudo Plastic fluids, explains Goodra's ability to absorb stress and hit back with powerful attacks. This property ties back to the snail-like origins of Goomy and adds a scientific touch to its design.

In conclusion, Goodra's evolution from Goomy to a powerful Dragon type is a testament to its unique design and rich lore. The various inspirations behind its creation, from JRPGs to real-life creatures and folklore, add depth to its character. The upcoming release of the Hisuain form promises to further explore the fascinating world of Goodra and Goomy. Trainers can look forward to discovering more about these lovable Pokémon and their amazing story.

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